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Once you’ve found money, success, position, and power, what do you do when you still feel unfulfilled?

Introducing a straight-talking series on how to navigate through some of the greatest challenges of life.

Are you searching for lost passion and energy? Do you feel that your career has become your identity? Do you want to find and dedicate your life to goals that make a difference in the world?

Do you long for greater intimacy and connection with your
spouse, family, friends, and God? Are you ready for a change?

If so, then this program is just the ticket you’ve been waiting for. When Having It All Isn’t Enough: Resolving the Top Ten Dilemmas of the High Achiever is a straight-talking audio series on how to navigate through the biggest issues of midlife transition: identity, life purpose, money, power, control, balance, relationships, and spirituality.

As an internationally recognized counselor and mentor to entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals, and people in ministry, former CEO Jim Warner outlines the challenges faced by high achievers with a candor that is both refreshing and inspiring. Having enjoyed material success – and endured personal self-doubt, career second-guessing, and fragile relationships – he speaks with the authority and insight of a leader who has rediscovered a life filled with vocational passion, intimate relationships, true wealth, and spiritual connection.

“Many of us have caught a glimpse of our life’s greatness – a grander vision that calls us to release our false ‘security’ and re-engage life. We begin to see life as a heart-beating, truth-telling, sweat-pouring, straight-from-the-gut adventure that makes us, and everyone around us, feel fully alive.” – Jim Warner

In this riveting series, Jim offers a blueprint for life transformation that resonates with both integrity and originality. He shares with you the key principles, proven strategies, and results-oriented action steps he has developed and used to guide hundreds of high achievers out of their “stuckness” into a place of passion, purpose, gratitude, wisdom, and serenity.

Jim presents the comprehensive toolkit for a “personal life audit” – the key questions you need to ask yourself, and the corresponding pressure points you need to probe to claim your greatness. This audit examines the eight fundamental areas in your life: Purpose, Money, Balance and Boundaries, Energy, Marriage and Love Relationships, Friends and Community, Spirituality, and finally, Your Identity.

In When Having It All Isn’t Enough you will discover that:
o Your life is not about you … you are about life.
o It is impossible to be grateful and unhappy.
o Freedom from money anxiety comes when you view your life role as a steward versus an owner.
o The hard truth, spoken with tenderness to a loved one, is the most direct way to achieve true intimacy.
oBoundless energy is available to you when you practice truth, compassion, and forgiveness, and carve out times for solitude and reflection.
oAlmost all the voices floating around inside your head are really looking out for your own good.
oNo matter how distressed, stuck, or fragile you may feel, all is well and you are loved.
oAnd much, much more!

Jim Warner is president of OnCourse International and best known for his uplifting book Aspirations of Greatness, Mapping the Midlife Leader’s Reconnection to Self and Soul, based on the intimate life stories of 500 CEOs navigating difficult midlife transitions. At age 43, Jim sold the $20 million software company he had founded to answer a higher calling: becoming a counselor and mentor to executives, business owners, professionals, and other high achievers who had succeeded in their work but were failing at life. He communicates with the authority of a leader who has confronted his innermost fears and rediscovered himself, his relationships, and his life purpose. He is an alumnus of the University of Michigan and the Harvard Business School, and a seven-year member of Young President’s Organization. Jim and his family live in Boulder, Colorado.

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when having all isnot enough

When Having It All Isn’t Enough

Once you've found money, success, position, and power, what do you do when you still feel unfulfilled?


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When Having It All Isn’t Enough

when having all isnot enough

by: Jim Warner

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"First say to yourself what you would be: and then do what you have to do."

- Epictitus

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