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The Power Habits of Ultimate Self-Confidence

Start outperforming, outpacing, and outdoing everyone else by gaining the foundation of ultimate self-confidence that makes everything else possible. From enhancing your career, business, and finances to improving your relationships and happiness, you’ll enjoy a brighter and unstoppable future.


by: Noah St. John

How to Become Financially Free on $50 a Month

Financial experts Bill and Mary Staton show you how you can learn to become financially free on just $50 a month. Get rid of your financial fears and uncertainties once and for all as you learn about America’s Finest Companies.


by: Bill Staton and Mary Staton

multiple streams income new millennium thumbnail

Multiple Streams of Income for a New Millennium

Discover how to set up multiple money streams that will flow to you for the rest of your life, without employees, overhead, selling, very little upfront cash, and little or no risk — in just 90 days or less.


by: Robert Allen

how to prosper during the global meltdown thumbnail

How to Prosper During the Global Meltdown

In How to Prosper During the Global Meltdown, renowned economic forecaster Harry S. Dent, Jr. tells YOU where (and where not) to put your time, energy and investment dollars now and in the months and years ahead… and WHY… so you can survive and thrive through this “winter season”, and profit massively in the spring season ahead.


by: Harry S. Dent, Jr.

top 2 percent thumbnail

The Top 2%

The Top 2% contains all the research compiled on America’s top income-earners and will give you the most complete profile of such people ever presented. You’ll learn specific skills and strategies (some quite contrary to what you’ve heard about success in the past) that you can apply right away to join the Top 2%.


by: Nightingale Learning Systems

creating demand thumbnail

Creating Demand: How to Attract Customers and Clients to Your Product or Service

Whether you’re a small-business owner, an executive at a large corporation, a marketing or advertising professional, a politician seeking election, or an artist trying to


by: Richard Ott

theta code thumbnail

The Theta Code

In The Theta Code, world-renowned teacher and bestselling author Asara Lovejoy bridges the distance between knowing your mind can heal your body and actually activating your inherent healing power.


by: Asara Lovejoy with Bonnie Strehlow

focused mind powerful mind thumbnail

Focused Mind, Powerful Mind

Based on the meditation techniques and mental exercises of some of the greatest thinkers of all time, this advanced mind-development program provides useful step-by-step techniques for tapping your mind’s greater powers.


by: Nightingale Learning Systems

abundance paradigm thumbnail

The Abundance Paradigm: Moving from the Law of Attraction to the Law of Creation

Bestselling author Joe Vitale shows you how to quickly shift from a paradigm of scarcity— where you have “not enough” of the things you want and need— to a paradigm of abundance— where you always have more than enough, and you can access it immediately.


by: Joe Vitale

born to win seminar thumbnail

The Born to Win Seminar

Today Zig Ziglar’s legendary Born to Win seminar comes alive once again to inspire a whole new generation of achievers. Nightingale-Conant proudly presents a complete audio and video solution to this popular seminar… The Born to Win Seminar: The Ultimate Zig Ziglar Library!


by: Zig Ziglar

secrets millionaire mind in turbulent times thumbnail

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind in Turbulent Times

In this incredible combination of LIVE seminar recordings and EXCLUSIVE studio material, renowned money expert T. Harv Eker will show you how to quickly and completely recondition your mind so that money and financial opportunity flow to you effortlessly, in ANY economy.


by: T. Harv Eker

miracle of self discipline thumbnail

The Miracle of Self-Discipline: The “No-Excuses” Way to Getting Things Done

rian Tracy shows you how to go from frustration to fulfillment in three major areas—business and finance, family and relationships, and “the good life”— faster than you ever thought possible, simply by developing the life-changing quality of self-discipline.


by: Brian Tracy

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