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power habits system thumbnail

The Power Habits System

Master the Power Habits System and learn to overcome your unconscious habits that are holding you back.


by: Noah St. John

awaken healer within thumbnail

Awaken the Healer Within

Mark works well with painful situations, disease states and emotionally destructive behavior patterns. While he is accustomed to working with people in person, he can also work with people who are not physically present, through absentee healing.


by: Mark Earlix

choice point thumbnail

Choice Point

Gregg Braden merges science and spirituality: Ancient Time Code reveals the secret to experiencing peace, abundance, and joy in 2012 and beyond. Right now you’re entering an era in human history that won’t repeat itself for 5,000 years! The choices we make NOW create a new path and new outcome unlike anything we’ve seen before.


by: Gregg Braden

your magic future thumbnail

Your Magic Future™: The Life-Planning Solution for Making Work Optional

Know with absolute precision the point in time at which you can comfortably stop working for money, then create a simple plan for getting there in the shortest amount of time possible, with this uniquely powerful life-planning tool.


by: Stefan Wissenbach

multiple streams income new millennium thumbnail

Multiple Streams of Income for a New Millennium

Discover how to set up multiple money streams that will flow to you for the rest of your life, without employees, overhead, selling, very little upfront cash, and little or no risk — in just 90 days or less.


by: Robert Allen

spiritual practices thumbnail

Spiritual Practices for a Powerful Brain

In this groundbreaking program, renowned neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Newberg reveals new discoveries about the “God-brain connection” while taking you through a collection of nine targeted spiritual practices designed to help anyone, of any background or belief system, enrich their mind, body and soul to achieve new levels of spirituality and consciousness.


by: Dr. Andrew Newberg

inside outside thumbnail

Inside / Outside: The Motivational Weight Loss Program

Inside/Outside – Motivational Weight Loss Program utilizes Dr. Lloyd Glauberman’s revolutionary HPP method to program your unconscious mind to make lifestyle changes. This method “short circuits” overeating and installs more appropriate eating patterns that follow the normal rhythms of your hunger cycle. You will stay motivated and disciplined while developing a more positive self image.


by: Dr. Lloyd Glauberman

resilience thumbnail

Resilience: The POWER to Bounce Back

Unleash both sides of your brain! How do you get your body, mind and spirit […]


by: Dr. Lloyd Glauberman

feeling better thumbnail

Feeling Better: Mind/Body Connections

Feeling Better: Mind/Body Connections stimulates the neurological and biochemical pathways – the inherent wisdom that is contained in mind/bodies – that can improve health and well-being. Coupled with the profound sense of relaxation generated by the HPP technology, this program focuses on keeping you stress free, healthy and vibrant.


by: Dr. Lloyd Glauberman

procrastination thumbnail

Procrastination: A Rhythmic Approach

Unleash both sides of your brain! It can be difficult to stay focused on the […]


by: Dr. Lloyd Glauberman

changing emotions thumbnail

Changing Emotions: A Stress Management Program

Changing Emotions uses Lloyd Glauberman’s revolutionary HPP method to unlock the power of your unconscious mind – transforming and enhancing your natural ability to relax and feel comfortable in the world around you.


by: Dr. Lloyd Glauberman

quest for excellence thumbnail

Quest For Excellence: Maximizing Performance For Business, Sports and the Arts

Unleash both sides of your brain! Enjoy Peak Performance in every aspect of your life! […]


by: Dr. Lloyd Glauberman

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