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Better Knees Better Life

Achieve less knee pain, better knee function, better mobility, and overall a better life! Dr. Richard Banks, a 30-year practicing orthopedic surgeon presents a 4-step blueprint to start living pain free.


by: Dr. Richard Banks

The Zero Point

Dr. Joe Vitale presents a groundbreaking system of master-level advanced clearing techniques that will empower you to shed all limitations and receive direct, unfiltered information from God/Source/the Divine on the best action to take in every moment.


by: Joe Vitale

know what to do thumbnail

I Know What To Do, So Why Don’t I Do It?

Dr. Nick Hall reveals these solutions — and the fascinating science behind them — in I


by: Nick Hall, Ph.D.

transform your body naturally thumbnail

Transform Your Body… Naturally!

Join renowned physician Mark Stengler, ND as he outlines his proven system for weight loss, vitality, and overall wellness based on the healing practices of homeopathy, herbs, supplements, natural hormones, exercise and more!


by: Dr. Mark Stengler

longevity solution thumbnail

The Longevity Solution

Discover the breakthrough “Longevity Solution” for living a healthy, wealthy, vibrant life — into your 80s, 90s, and beyond!


by: Eric Plasker, D.C.

science self discipline thumbnail

The Science of Self-Discipline

Put an end to procrastination forever!


by: Kerry L. Johnson

gary nulls perfect health system thumbnail

Gary Null’s Perfect Health System

Discover the 7 steps to Perfect Health!


by: Gary Null

ultimate goals program thumbnail

The Ultimate Goals Program

How to Get Everything You Want – Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible


by: Brian Tracy

mind body nutrition thumbnail

Mind/Body Nutrition

FREE audio clip of Mind/Body Nutrition by Marc David. Listen now and discover the shocking key to weight loss without deprivation and health without sacrifice. You really can …


by: Marc David

five forces wellness thumbnail

The Five Forces of Wellness

The Ultranprevention System for Living an Active, Age Defying, Disease-Free Life


by: Dr. Mark Hyman

john abdo vital living thumbnail

John Abdo’s Vital Living from the Inside-Out

Better Health and Energy = More Productivity = Fun and Success!


by: John Abdo

life hope healing thumbnail

Life, Hope And Healing

In Life, Hope and Healing, Dr. Bernie Siegel shares his “prescription” for creating a full, rich, joyful, and genuinely “healthy” life.


by: Bernie S. Siegel

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