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Follow in the footsteps of the giants of success!

Andrew Carnegie • Thomas Edison • Henry Ford

You’ve probably experienced fewer failures in life than these famous achievers.
Surprising, but true.

Each faced repeated setbacks. Yet each became enormously successful. How?

Napoleon Hill devoted his life to studying this question, analyzing the success of more than 500 of the 20th Century’s greatest achievers. His exhaustive research proved that the essence of success lies within 17 simple principles that, when used together, serve as an infallible formula for achievement.

These 17 key principles are the foundation of The Science of Personal Achievement, a comprehensive course in success that empowers you to convert any adversity into advantage.


Begin this course by conditioning your mind to see the benefit in any situation. Learn to unleash the extraordinary power of positive thinking. Gain unflinching belief in yourself and your ideas. Motivate others with your enthusiasm and faith.

With Napoleon Hill’s guidance, you will achieve a level of mental self-mastery that will enable you consistently to:

    • Overcome fears to reach your achievements
    • Maintain self-discipline and self-confidence
    • Develop strong personal initiative
    • Focus your thoughts into clear plans of action


The Science of Personal Achievement gives you the mental skills needed to meet the challenge of transforming your ideas into realized accomplishments.

Discover proven strategies for bouncing back from failure. Manage your time effectively. Inspire others to work with you. And master these fundamentals:

    • 2 golden keys that open any door
    • 8 principles that boost mind power
    • 9 basic motives that inspire action
    • 10 invisible guides that help you reach your objectives
    • Over 2 dozen basic traits of pleasing personalities


Consistently attain your goals as you incorporate the 17 principles at the heart of this course into your daily life. Become the architect of your destiny, capable of building a lifetime of accomplishment.

Whether you are striving for success in your career or in your personal life, Napoleon Hill’s unique, universal philosophies will lead you directly to the source of all life’s riches.

What people say about this product

It all started here. I've been listening to The Science of Personal Achievement annually, for 10 years running, now, and each time I learn something new! Thank you, Napoleon. Thank you, indeed!

Barry Zweibel

This CD set is a must for anyone wanting to achieve success. The theories and observations of Nepoleon Hill are the bases of all the personal achievement and motivational ideas being taught today.

Dr. John D'Amanda

Hill uses his capacities to synchronize nature and man to describe how best our minds work. A brilliant book that should be read over and over again!

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Follow in the footsteps of the giants of success!

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The Science of Personal Achievement

science personal achievement napoleon hill

by: Napoleon Hill

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"First say to yourself what you would be: and then do what you have to do."

- Epictitus

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