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Net Profit: How to start a highly lucrative Internet company from scratch with almost no money down.

If you’ve got a company, an interest, or even just a hobby, you’ve got what it takes to start an easy, profitable online business. This revolutionary program by acclaimed Internet pioneer Seth Godin will show you how to get your piece of the billion-dollar Internet pie by “bootstrapping”— starting your own Internet company from scratch with almost no money down.

Making Money on the Web ©2001 gives you a crash course in Bootstrapping 101, telling you everything you need to know to avoid making the mistakes and overlooking the details that wind up sabotaging many startups before they ever get off the ground. For example, you’ll learn …

  • Which businesses have the most potential for
    Internet success
  • The 5 advantages big companies have over you, and how to overcome them
  • 9 questions you must ask yourself before creating your business model
  • The kind of people you should surround yourself with to ensure success, and the partnerships that will drain away your money and do nothing for your business
  • A step-by-step guide to building a scaleable business model that can grow with your company

You’ll discover easy, inexpensive ways to gain potential customers’ permission … how to capitalize on situations where permission already exists … how to recognize and respect the limits of permission … and some shocking statistics that show what can happen if you abuse it.

You’ll learn how to create emails that people actually look forward to receiving … the simple and cheap promotion Seth created for H&R block that turned 50,000 strangers into friends … how often you should send out emails … and how to avoid Seth calls “the single most dangerous thing you can do on the Internet.”

You’ll discover the 4 secrets to succeeding once you have a customer … why firing a customer could be the best thing for your business … a simple formula for calculating advertising costs … why studying demographics is an unnecessary waste of time … and which traditional marketing strategies you should throw out the window.

You’ll learn how to create a website that works by discovering:

  • The 5 questions to ask yourself before spending a single dime building your site
  • The 6 things your website must include if you want people to buy what
    you’re selling
  • How to build a successful site without spending a fortune on designers and
  • The best, least expensive Internet advertising method
  • Why it might make sense for you to have 2 websites

Seth explodes 12 media-generated Internet myths that could be holding you back from incredible success … and tells you the steps you need to take right now to get your Internet business going.

He gives you specific examples of small startups that have found big success using the principles of Permission Marketing. He even takes you step-by-step through the process of creating your own online auction site — a lucrative business that more and more people are cashing in on. It’s easy to do, and you can apply the exact same principles to any business you want to build.

Making Money on the Web is about how to start small, market smart, avoid mistakes, capitalize on opportunities, have fun, and create a solid business that makes you plenty of money and has room to grow, using the most powerful medium in the world. If you’ve got a company, a product, a service, or an idea that you want to market on the Internet, Making Money on the Web will show you how to do it inexpensively, do it right, and start profiting now!

What people say about this product

Although the material covered in this program was produced before the tech bubble burst, the actionable concepts and ideas can still be used today to catapult your online business profits to the highest levels that they have ever reached! Seth teaches you straightforward strategies that you must learn in order achieve any success from your online activities.

Damian P.
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making money web

Making Money on the Web

How to Bootstrap Yourself to Online Profits


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Making Money on the Web

making money web

by: Seth Godin

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"First say to yourself what you would be: and then do what you have to do."

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