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Create a Health Span That Matches Your Life Span!

Most of us believe that aging is accompanied by a sharp decline in our physical and mental abilities.

We think getting older means getting sick. But, as you’ll soon discover, disease is not an inevitable part of aging. In fact, it is even possible to become biologically younger while you become chronologically older!

In this cutting-edge program, Dr. Mark Hyman, former medical director from the famed Canyon Ranch Health Resort, unveils a revolutionary science-based program for staying active and disease-free for life. The Five Forces of Wellness will work for absolutely everyone – old, young, healthy, sick, or anywhere in between.

This program presents the new science of staying healthy – otherwise known as ultraprevention. This powerful medicine of the future shatters the myths of today’s “fix-the-broken-parts” medicine. Instead of masking symptoms, it’s a proven plan for identifying and eliminating the forces that cause more than 90 percent of today’s most common and devastating diseases. It’s a patient-centered plan that shows you how to create a lifetime of good health.

In The Five Forces of Wellness: The Ultraprevention System for Living an Active, Age-Defying, Disease-Free Life, you’ll learn what’s best for your body. Among other things,
you’ll determine…

  • How to prevent disease from ravaging your body, using the medically proven “remove, repair, and recharge” system.
  • Which foods make you thrive and which make you sick.
  • How you can decrease the activity of the genes that will create illness and increase the activity of the genes that will create wellness.
  • Why you should NEVER go on a diet and how to lose weight without going
    on a diet.
  • What kinds of vitamins you need and how much.
  • Whether your body does better with vigorous exercise or more gentle exercise.
  • How to identify and rid yourself of toxins that make you sick.

We all want to die as old as possible while feeling as young as possible. We want to enjoy vibrant health all the days of our life. When you apply the strategies you’ll learn in The Five Forces of Wellness, this desire moves beyond being something you merely wish for to the story of your life!

Mark Hyman, M.D., is the former co-medical director at Canyon Ranch Lenox, an internationally acclaimed health resort, where he combined the best of conventional and alternative medicine with a blend of science, intuition, integrity, and compassion. He is the co-author of the recent New York Times bestselling book Ultraprevention: The 6-Week Plan That Will Make You Healthy for Life, and winner of the Books for Better Life Award. Dr.Hyman is also the author and creator of The Detox Box: A Program for Greater Health and Vitality. He is editor in chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, the most prestigious journal in the field of integrative medicine.

Dr. Hyman has appeared on The Today Show, CBS’s The Early Show, The View with Barbara Walters, and CNN. He was recently featured on the PBS television special Get a Life. He has been heard on NPR and many other radio programs, and is quoted regularly in popular magazines, including Natural Health, Health, Self, Town & Country, Elle, Fitness, Glamour, Shape, and Family Circle.

What people say about this product

A friend of mine loaned me her program, "The Five Forces of Wellness" by Dr Hyman that she purchased through your company. She received your email requesting information as to how this program has helped her, and sent it on to me for comment.I listened to this program several times as it is packed full of usefull information! I can tell you that it has changed my life in many ways, all for the good!I am 47 years old and generally in good health. However, I was feeling tired and run down more than I used to and my weight had creeped up to 213 pounds on my 6 foot frame. I thought this was all a normal part of aging.However, after listening to this program, I woke up to a much better reality!I immediately implemented as much of the program as I could. I stopped eating anything with partially hydrogenated oil in it or high fructose corn syrup or artifiical sugars of any type. I reduced the amount of sugar and white flour going into my body significantly. I removed most all dairy from my diet. This was much easier than I thought, and after replacing this with good stuff, my cravings disappeared.My wife and I have always walked together but after listening to this we started walking much more regularly on a daily basis. We do about 4 miles each day that the weather permits, with a brisk pace. We look forward to this and miss it if we can't get out and walk.I have added more whole foods like fruits and vegetables and nuts. I used to avoid nuts because of the fats in them. Now I eat them as often as I want to and add them to my cereal and salads and whenever else I feel like eating them! I have a soy/yogurt almost everyday with six active cultures in it. I add ground flax seed to my cereal daily and use low fat organic soy milk in it. I no longer eat anything after 7pm and wake up feeling refreshed each morning.I take a multi vitamin daily from ProThera, which is a company recommended by Dr Hyman. I also take an Omega3 supplement daily. I drink plenty of liquids each day and get a great nights sleep each night. I occaisionally practice yoga and meditation as well. I have also purchased a journal for recording my thoughts.These changes, which were much easier to make than I thought they would be, have given me incredible mental clarity where there once was mental fog! I have more energy than before and feel like doing and exploring things more frequently. I even started playing my guitar again which was sitting in it's case for the past 25 years! I am no longer hungry all the time, and weighed 194 lbs when I weighed in last. That is 19 lbs gone and I am not on a diet! My clothes all fit loose, and I am no longer strangled by my neck ties and buttoned collars.My wife says I look great and have lost that pudgy appearance to my face and neck and gut. The gut is finally disappearing!I tell everyone that will listen to me about this program. This should be mandatory listening for all doctors especially, and all people in general!I pray that everyone I know listens to this program and follows the guidelines in it. They will thank themselves many times over, and enjoy their life much more!Thank you Dr. Hyman and Nightingale Conant! This program is a lifesaver!

Ray Skare

Dr. Hyman reinforced what I believed about the relationship between diet and health. As a result of hearing his program, I added a lot more color and variety to my diet. The biggest result has been support of my immune system. I work in retail and am exposed to pretty much everything that is out there to catch. I rarely get even a cold and if I do, it is very mild. I haven't missed a day of work in over 4 years. I would recommend to anyone to hear this program and take heed now. The sooner one starts paying attention to what we put into our bodies, the longer and healthier their life will be.

Bill Miller

I enjoyed the program and I am living a healthy life. I did not do too many wrong things before, but the program helped me to further understand several important points, that I am using in my life. I believe that I have more energy and mind clarity due to changes I have done in my life. As I am biologist, I also enjoyed the program because it is scientifically very solid, but at the same time the language language is understandable by most people. I would not follow advices that are not based on scientific evidence, but this program really reviews and summarize the field.

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The Five Forces of Wellness

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The Five Forces of Wellness

five forces wellness

by: Dr. Mark Hyman

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"First say to yourself what you would be: and then do what you have to do."

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