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Introducing the Nightingale-Conant Supersonic Speed Learning System!

Your ability to achieve more and earn more directly corresponds with your ability to learn more. By improving your learning power using the Nightingale-Conant Supersonic Speed Learning System, you are positioning yourself for rapid professional and economic advancement, and phenomenal success in anything you choose to do.

We have designed this system to guide you along a 6-week journey of mind-expansion, skill development, and rapid intellectual advancement that will positively impact virtually every area of your life.

In Week 1 of your Speed Learning journey, you’ll form the foundation of your new and very valuable abilities, while accessing your genius potential, with Brian Tracy’s and Colin Rose’s express track to super intelligence, Accelerated Learning Techniques – includes 6 CDs, 1 Bonus CD plus a Writable PDF Workbook.

You’ll also receive a great compendium of all that’s revealed in this program on a DVD by Colin Rose, Jayne Nicholl, and Malcolm Nicholl. Your fantastic resource to help solidify and summarize the concepts on the audio, including how to double your reading speed, improve your memory, boost your creativity and triple your vocabulary in Accelerated Learning Techniques in Action DVD – includes 1 DVD.

In Week 2, Howard Stephen Berg, the world’s fastest reader will give you his secrets of succeeding in today’s information-rich world. Allow Howard Berg to teach you to absorb and comprehend any material you need to study – while boosting your reading speed to unimaginable levels in just a few short hours in Howard Berg’s Maximum Speed Reading – includes 4 CDs, 2 Bonus CDs, a Writable PDF Workbook and 1 DVD.

By Week 3, you’ll be prepared for the next level of accelerated mastery from Howard Stephen Berg. Taking the information you learned on Maximum Speed Reading one step further, Howard reveals how to use that information to increase your bottom line. These are the strategies you need to help fulfill your dreams, desires and professional ambitions. Howard Berg’s Maximum Speed Learning – includes 4 CDs, 1 Bonus CD, plus a Writable PDF Workbook.

Week 4 will have you learning the ancient techniques connected to the highest levels of genius, as you develop an amazing memory! 8-time World Memory Champion and Guinness World Record holder Dominic O’Brien teaches you the secrets and benefits of a powerfully trained memory in Quantum Memory Power – includes 8 CDs and a Writable PDF Workbook.

Famed educator Donna Cercone believes you are a genius – and in Week 5, she’ll prove it to you! Using a surprising set of tools you won’t believe, you’ll learn how to create the perfect environment for learning using your senses and all parts of your brain. It’s all in her amazing program of instruction, MEGA Learning – includes 7 CDs, a PDF Workbook on CD, and 20 Color Learning Gel Sheets.

In Week 6, you’ll complete the final leg of the system when you age-proof your brain so you can be smarter, sharper and more mentally agile at 70, 80 or even 90 – than you were at 30! The Nightingale-Conant internal research think-tank produced a remarkable program that actually allows you to keep the advances you’ve made in your intelligence, memory, reading and comprehension forever: The FlexBrain Method – includes 6 CDs plus a Writable PDF Workbook.

In addition to the six programs that comprise the system, we’re also including 3 FREE BONUSES to round out your learning experience.

FREE BONUS #1 is a Quick Start Audio CD narrated by Dan Strutzel, vice president of publishing at Nightingale-Conant. On this CD, Dan takes you by the hand through the entire Supersonic Speed Learning System.

FREE BONUS #2 is FlexBrain Method eBook. This eBook reinforces what you’ll discover in the audio presentation – including illustrations that make the learning even easier – and fun – a $29.95 value!

FREE BONUS #3 is by The Human Calculator, Scott Flansburg. In this exciting presentation, he’ll teach you how to be a superhuman calculator too! Add, subtract, multiply and divide – all without touching pencil to paper or using your smartphone. This one’s for fun, but you’ll also learn a valuable skill that helps with problem solving and making everyday calculations in the wink of an eye in Math Magic – includes 3 CDs , 1 DVD plus a Writable PDF Workbook – a $69.95 value!

The Nightingale-Conant Supersonic Speed Learning System will empower you to identify and use your own unique way of learning, unleashing the power of your whole brain to gain the skills, putting you in the top 1% of all earners!

Enjoy this amazing journey, and all of the extraordinary benefits you’ll reap as the result of it. And, as always, thank you for being a terrific Nightingale-Conant customer.

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The Nightingale-Conant Supersonic Speed Learning System

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