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maximum confidence thumbnail

Maximum Confidence

In this mix of live and studio recordings, Jack Canfield will help you feel more love and contentment than you ever have before, just as he’s helped thousands of people create more positive relationships with themselves and others. Jack is an internationa


by: Jack Canfield

personal insight library thumbnail

Nightingale-Conant’s Personal Insight Library

Your Personal Insight Library features authors like Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Anthony Robbins, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, Joe Vitale, and more. Experience the invaluable wisdom and knowledge of the masters. You will be glad you did!


by: Nightingale-Conant

dyer no limit person thumbnail

How to Be a No-Limit Person

In How to Be a No-Limit Person, Dr. Wayne Dyer shines a sometimes irreverent, always insightful light on the significant and subtle ways we defeat our own calm, happiness, success, and sanity.


by: Wayne Dyer

living an extraordinary life thumbnail

Living an Extraordinary Life

Robert White’s years of observing and working with people who are successful in every area of life convincingly demonstrates that otherwise ordinary men and women who create extraordinary results – regardless of age, nationality or education – exhibit many of the same behaviors, language patterns and ways of being.


by: Robert White

mega learning faiman thumbnail


For the first time ever a comprehensive, customized program, tailor-made to your personal learning style!


by: Donna Faiman Cercone

pure genius thumbnail

Pure Genius

Discover the path to transforming the quality of your life with Pure Genius Start being […]


by: Dan Sullivan

self mastery thumbnail

Self Mastery

Envision Possibilities!


by: Dick Sutphen

10 qualities charismatic people thumbnail

The 10 Qualities of Charismatic People

Whether you’re running a corporation, a department, a classroom, a volunteer program, or a household, there’s no skill more valuable than the ability to positively influence others. You already have the potential to be more charismatic. Once you


by: Tony Alessandra, Ph.D.

view from top zig ziglar thumbnail

A View from the TOP

A View from the Top is the next chapter in Zig Ziglar’s ongoing personal journey of self-discovery. In this exciting mix of studio and live recordings. Zig will share with you his most intimate discoveries as to what he personally has discovered to be the


by: Zig Ziglar

aladdin factor thumbnail

The Aladdin Factor

The Aladdin Factor reveals that anything is possible if you dare to ask. Hear a FREE audio clip and discover the simple, powerful asking strategies that will get you what you want in every …


by: Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

power of ambition thumbnail

The Power of Ambition

Enjoy the pursuit of your dreams!


by: Jim Rohn

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